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Personal Information:

  • Social Security Numbers (including spouses and dependents)

  • Bank Statements

  • Date of Birth (including spouses and dependents)

  • Last year’s tax return (**new clients only**)

  • Photocopy of Driver’s License (front and back)

  • Stimulus/Economic Impact Payments

  • Child Care Tax Credit

Tax Documents:

  • W-2 forms for the filing year

  • 1099-NEC (formerly 1099-Misc. If you were a self-employed or contract worker and made more than $600, you should receive a 1099 from the payer.)

  • 1099-G – Unemployment Compensation

  • 1099-Int – Interest Income Statements

  • 1099-Div – Dividend Income Statements

  • 1099-B – Gross Proceeds from Sale of Stock (We will need the cost basis for the shares sold and when they were purchased.)

  • 1099-R – Pensions and Annuity Disbursements (If you withdrew from an IRA, pension, or life insurance contract, you would receive this form.)

  • Social Security / RRI Benefits

  • Form 1098 – Student Loan Interest Paid

  • Form 1098 – Education Expenses from a Qualified Institutions

  • Form 1098 – Mortgage Interest & Real Estate Taxes Paid

  • 1099-S – Sale of Real Estate (If you sold real estate, we would need the cost basis (purchase price plus improvements and commissions.)

  • 1099-G – Gambling or Lottery Winnings

  • 1099 – Cancellation of Debt

  • K-1 – Income from Partnerships, S Corporations, & Trusts

  • Jury Duty Pay

Category of Expenses:

  • Self-Employed Business Expenses – Please categorize and total these expenses prior to your appointment.

  • Child Care Provider – Name, address, Tax ID #. If you are paying an individual, also provide their SS#.

  • Alimony – If you paid or received alimony, the amount needs to be reported as well as the SS# of the payer or recipient.

  • IRA, SEP, or Keogh – Did you make a contribution for this tax year and for how much?

  • Moving Expenses – (more than 50 miles for work) Provide dates of move and new address.

  • Charitable Expenses

  • Medical Expenses – If more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.

  • Estimated tax payment made for the year.

  • Adoption Expenses

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