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We provide Payroll Services in-house or at your work site. Our services include:

Organized Files
  • Payroll Set-Up

  • Review employee data

  • Establish a schedule for processing dates for payroll

  • Check calculations gross - to - net

  • Payroll Preview which will allow the client to see payroll results prior to processing

  • Check Printing capabilities on site or at client site

  • Payroll Tax Filings

    • W-2's

    • W-3's

    • 1099's

    • 1096's

    • IRS 941 filing

    • NYS 45 - NYS 1

  • Check signing and stuffing

  • New Hire Reports

  • Payroll Reports

  • Signature Ready tax forms

  • GL export to Quickbooks

  • GL export to major accounting packages via Excel

  • Reconciliations of Payroll Accounts

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