Exempt Organization Services


Our professional staff is well versed with the requirements for Charitable, Religious, Social Clubs and other kinds of exempt organizations. We have the answer to questions such as these:


  • What qualifies you for an exempt organization?

  • What happens if I have any unrelated business income?

  • What forms need to be filed to be recognized as an exempt organization?

  • What Tax Year should I chose?

  • How do Ireport contribution or designated funds?

  • Can I use designated funds to cover operating expenses?

  • Should I computerize the accounting system and what software is best for my business?

  • What is the difference between employees and independent contractors?

  • Who will do my payroll?

  • As an exempt organization can I provide benefits to my workers?

  • How often should my employees get paid?

  • What taxes is my business subject to?

  • How often do I need to file the taxes?

  • What kind of insurance should I have?