Not sure which licenses you need or where to begin?


We are here to guide you through the entire process.  From filing certificates, to identifying the kind of licenses you need, to how much and what types of insurance coverages are right for you.  We will always clearly explain which options are best for you.

  • Filing of Business Certificates - Sole Proprietorship

  • Certificate of Incorporation - Corporations

  • Certificate of Incorporations - Limited Liability Corps

  • Partnership Agreements

  • S Corporation Elections

  • Applications for Employer Identification Numbers

  • Filing for Resale Certificate

  • Application for Liquor License

  • Application for Lottery

  • Application for Food Processing License

  • Application for Food Vendor License

  • Application for Cigarette Licence

  • Insurance Coverages

    • Filing for Unemployment Insurance Coverage

    • Filing for Workman's Compensaion Insurance

    • Filing for Disability Insurance Coverage

 Our professional staff is here with knowledge and experience to satisfy the needs of our small business owners.